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Principled Purchasing

Companies whose activities are so fundamentally in conflict with the faith-based values of Catholic investors that we cannot in good conscience profit from their activities are ordinarily excluded from CBIS Global investment portfolios. These include companies whose products or services violate consistent life ethics, those involved in militarism and violence, and the pornography and tobacco industries.

Our principled purchasing criteria include:

Life Ethics

CBIS Global excludes from investment companies whose products or services violate the Catholic Church's teachings on consistent life ethics, including contraceptives, embryonic stem cell research, and abortion-related products and services.

Militarism and Violence

CBIS Global excludes from investment companies involved in the spread of violence worldwide, particularly those whose products have a devastating impact on children. These include manufacturers of firearms for the consumer market; companies involved in the manufacture of landmines; and major weapons contractors contributing to the spread of global militarism.

The policy is informed by the balance between the need for national defense and concern over the global buildup of arms for offensive purposes.


CBIS Global excludes from investment companies whose primary line of business consists of products or services aimed exclusively at inducing sexual excitement or a prurient interest in sex (including sexually-oriented films and entertainment, publications, software, telephone and Internet services).


CBIS Global excludes from investment companies that manufacture, process, trade or distribute wholesale tobacco and tobacco products.

CBIS Global


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CBIS Global is the European division of CBIS.  With approximately $US4.7 billion under management and more than 30 years of experience, CBIS is a leading provider of investment solutions for Catholic institutions and serves as the promoter of CBIS Global Funds plc. Click here to visit the website.

STOXX Europe Christian Index

CBIS Global partnered with STOXX to create the STOXX Europe Christian Index.  The Index provides a broad representation of companies selected by taking into account Christian values such as ethical, social, environmental and economic responsibility.  It is derived from the STOXX Europe 600, a representation of large, mid and small capitalisation companies across Europe, according to screening procedures implemented by an Independent Committee, which includes representatives from CBIS Global.  For more information, click here.